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Decentralized Traded Funds

In this article we go through the reasoning behind DIP-4 and we explain why this will be beneficial to the growing DEXTF community.

Start date: April 2, 2021, 9:00 AM UTC

End date: April 16, 2021, 2:59 PM UTC

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Having conducted a fair launch with no token private sale or presale to investors, the Roman community grew in number and in prosperity.

As of today, $DEXTF can be earned by completing 3 main operations:

There are a couple of ways you can earn rewards for using the DEXTF protocol:

This is the easiest way to earn rewards. Simply invest in any fund and earn your share of total 450k $DEXTF monthly. It doesn’t matter whether you buy the fund directly through Uniswap or whether you mint new fund tokens through the dAPP, all investments count equally.

2. As a Liquidity Provider to XTF Fund pools

Now that you are already earning investor rewards you could take it one step further and provide liquidity for your fund tokens…

DEXMF is the implementation of DEXTF on Algorand Mainnet

We are proud to announce that DEXTF Protocol will be launching on Algorand public network as DEXMF (Decentralised Managed Funds), thanks to the grant funding received from Algorand Foundation.

This is the first of many multi-chain implementations of DEXTF.

Algorand is well equipped with a deeply innovative technical team that understands and addresses the issues afflicting on-chain operations for DeFi.

Building on Algorand means having access to a scalable, fast and institutional-ready smart contract toolkit that would enable high throughput with very low transaction fees. Creating an escrow account will be as easy as creating a wallet on Ethereum!


If you haven’t read the article on how to buy + LP for an Investor, we strongly suggest to do so before reading this one. Why?

Because minting XTFs is always more expensive than buying XTFs off of Uniswap.

You must want to have a permanent guide on how to:

How to mint XTF token funds on Dapp

If you are looking to buy the XTF fund, you should be reading here.

2. You’ll…

DIP-3 has been approved, changes to the tokenomics have been implemented.

Here is a detailed guide on the incentivised roles that an Investor can play within the protocol:

To begin with, let’s give a quick definition of what is an XTF fund token.

An XTF fund token is an ERC-20 token that can hold whatever asset composition the fund manager had decided to include at…

This article explains in detail what the DIP-3 (DEXTF Improvement Proposal) is about, why it has been proposed and why this is useful to bring DEXTF Protocol to the next stage.

Changes if applied will simplify the liquidity mining as well as the fund manager/investor reward’s programs to prepare for the upcoming token value accrual mechanisms.

By now, it must be clear that there are 3 main players in DEXTF:

Each player must be properly incentivised to bootstrap a well functioning ecosystem.

Currently Portfolio Managers, and in particular those that reinvest the awarded tokens for compounded…

DEXTF V2 is an improved version with exciting new features, which follows the V1 release earlier in September 2020. It is in the works and expected to be released later this year between Q2 and Q3 2021.

An overview of what is possible in V1 now:


XTF.WWW1: DPI (25%), WBTC (15%), AAVE, DEXTF, LINK, WETH (10%), DAI, HEGIC, KP3R, UNI (5%)

Tokenized portfolios are tradable on DEXes upon…

With this article, we announce an important change in the $DEXTF liquidity mining program for which 25 million tokens (25% of the total supply) are being reserved. In building the platform, we had in mind to create deep liquidity markets for our XTF token funds and hence the decision to have a relatively longer distribution of 5 years.

Starting 15th October 2020, we will implement fairer rules aimed at building that liquidity organically and incentivize those farmers that decide to contribute for longer times.

The only rule that will go unchanged is the $DEXTF rewards ratio, which is:


In this article we would like to announce a novel primitive in DeFi, Structured Tokens, to introduce the first such token in the DeFi market, a capital-protected Token on ETH and to unpack what structured notes are in the traditional finance world and discuss the benefits that our tool can bring to the digital asset management space.

Capital Protected Structured Token (CPST) on ETH


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